Our mission is to activate the imagination of our audiences, contemporize the art of mime, and remind us all of the power of simple storytelling.

Mime, Redefined.

Music: The Pound by Patrick Lee | Reel edited by Nick Abeel | Images by Bjorn Bolinder | Video Footage by Jacob Hiss and Shiho Kataoka


Q: How do I secure my spot?
A: RSVP here.

Q: What if I have specific access needs? 
A: Let us know in the RSVP and we’ll provide!

Q: Pay-what-you-can? That sounds stressful.
A: Don’t be stressed! We would typically charge about $75/workshop, so do that, or $0, or $10, or $500.

Q: What will we be learning?
A: This will be a foundational BKBX Physical Storytelling workshop, which will include the basics of mime technique, character and relationship through movement, and creative play. We’ll get into some theory and concepts, but also get on our feet. Exercises and games. Breaks for water. Low physical impact.

Q: Who will be teaching?
A: Becky will be leading the workshops, with other company members as collaborators!

Q: Is this a good way to figure out if I should audition for BKBX?
A: Yes. Come to UNBOXED on 8/2 to get a sense of how we talk about the work, too. Auditions will be posted in the next week.

Q: Can I come to both?
A: Yeah!

Q: Can I request for you to cover something specific?
A: Yeah! Email us at brokenboxmime@gmail.com

Q: What is that picture on the poster?
A: The cast of BKBXKids! Asks Why rehearsing in residency at A.R.T./NY Theatres last month. Photo taken by the glorious Bjorn Bolinder.

Introducing: BKBXKids! Asks Why

Image description: poster for ASKS WHY. Regan, a young black woman in a dark shirt, looks up curiously. There are four hands around her face, making a frame. The text reads: BKBXKids! ASKS WHY

BKBXKids! Asks Why was inspired by a 9-year-old’s question aired on Sesame Street’s June 6, 2020 Town Hall: If Black people contributed so much to the development of this country and the world, why are Black people treated so badly? BKBXKids! Asks Why transforms this sticky question into a wide space for exploration using embodied poetry, American Sign Language, hands-as-puppets, and a dance party to process feelings! This series lays the groundwork for conversations that can continue between kids and their loved ones everywhere, creating an accessible entry point that centers imaginative play, full body engagement, and joyful curiosity. Sign up here to find out more about this show in the future!

Click here to see some pictures from rehearsal by Resident Photographer Bjorn Bolinder

Welcome to BKBX!

Mime Regan Sims stands with arms spread overhead in front of a sunny yellow background while Mime Matt Zambrano kneels, looking up in awe.

Photo Credit Bjorn Bolinder

Find out what’s on tap for BKBX! Join our elist to be the first to know about upcoming events, including our summer outdoor pop-up performances in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and even a very special island in the Hudson River (truly, check it out)!

We’ve also been cooking up a lot of kids programs, including:

BIG FEELINGS, our embodied social emotional learning curriculum

ASKS WHY, a new series exploring anti-racism for families

Mime-ysteries,live, virtual, interactive, and site-specific whodunnits, for the young and young-at-heart as premiered at the Tilt Kids Festival this March 


Want to find out more? Take a look at BKBXKids! and BKBXEd.

We have a lot on the way and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

    Watch BKBX Online!     

Directed by Resident Collaborator Michael Lukk Litwak, “The Quest” follows a group of D&D-loving tweens as they transform into their alter egos, seek adventure, and beat the D20 odds.

As has become clear, the Movement that surrounds us is a complex, dynamic, multi-faceted story of police brutality, equal rights, white supremacy, white fragility, systemic racism in America, inheritance, allyship, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) voices, transphobia, the patriarchy, (social) media, violence, and more. How can we tell our little ones about what’s going on in a way that does not dilute or dumb down the information, but that also does not confuse or destabilize them? 

The team at BKBXKids! has spent this week researching this very question, and it’s only just begun. Today we’re debuting three videos for kids (toddler episode on Protestnon-verbal toddler episode on Black Lives Matter, and older kiddo episode called “Become A…Protester!”) that attempt to offer a clear, engaging, and empowering point of view. We hope that these episodes can be used as a resource to start conversations with your kids. We also link to a few of our favorite readings, podcasts, and websites we found along the way in the video descriptions. Here’s the playlist: BKBXKids! – Social Justice & Anti-Racism for Kiddos

These three videos are a part of our BKBXKids! Spring Season, the rest of which you can find here and will continue to debut weekly. In the upcoming week or two, you’ll also see a brand new series called BKBXKids! Asks Why, a platform by which to explore complex subjects for young’uns that engage both body and mind. We’ll start this series by talking about America’s history of white supremacy, enslaved people and the heritage of their enslavers, and activism.

As for the grown-up art-making, BKBX is working on bolstering our house as an anti-racist one, both through self-reflection of what we are and preparation for what we hope to become. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you wish to discuss how our organization is engaging in this urgent work. For now, we will continue it daily and work on creating new storytelling for kids and their families.

Please engage with us – let us know what you think of the videos, what your nieces and nephews think of them, what else you’d like to see from BKBX. If you are someone or know someone who has had a negative time in any of our spaces, pass them along to the lady in charge over here. We are committed to being a part of the change in American Theater.


BKBXKids! Online is back with more fresh, new videos for young ones and their families! We’re posting new kids videos three times a week, which will include both spoken portions and wordless, Mimey goodness. After a successful pilot launch in April, our full Spring Season introduces silent storytelling to toddlers and little ones,  presents engaging games for older kiddos, and offers wordless videos geared towards the neurodiverse and beyond. Featuring original music from our collaborating musicians, join BKBX and friends on all kinds of fun adventures—all from the comfort of our own homes! Head over to our BKBXKids! Youtube channel to view all of our videos from Kids Week. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to stay up to catch the new videos!

PS: do you like what you see? Do you have, feedback or ideas for games and stories? Interact with us on social media or email us at: BrokenBoxEducation@gmail.com We want to hear from you (and your kids)! You can also click here to find out more about BKBXEd and click here to find out more about BKBXKids!


That’s right! It’s time to welcome some new Mimes into the company. Applicants who are invited to audition will be scheduled for an in-person audition between August 22-24. Once a slot is confirmed, auditionees are invited to prepare a 2-minute solo without props or words. This original mime piece may be set to music and have a title. It should give us a sense of what you enjoy writing and/or performing. Callbacks will occur between August 29 and 31. No mime experience necessary to audition, please let us know any access needs!

Interested? We’re so glad! Click the link below to read the full infosheet on auditions, then apply by writing an introductory note with headshot/resume to bkbxapply@gmail.com

FULL INFOSHEET: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jGhL1m5yPsvOkV2YUkHbfqRo6uSRF_HmhdUS5o2TigA/edit?usp=sharing

Want to Learn More Before Submitting?

– Join in the discussion at our virtual UNBOXED program on Monday, August 2 at 8p ET

– Join us for a pay-what-you-can workshop either August 5th or 8th

– Watch videos of past BKBX work and/or get nerdy by reading our organizational profile via the links in the infosheet

From the Recent Past



BKBX had the honor of presenting a new experimental work-in-progress at BRIClab this year. Click here to watch our reel from Body / Language, a 21-person half-remote half-live collaboration between hearing and d/Deaf artists, mimes, dancers, and musicians.


BKBX is thrilled to be among 5 companies in residence at the new Theatre Row. Their inaugural Kitchen Sink Residency will host our premiere of Capacity, spring 2022.

BKBX Company: 
Nick Abeel, Becky Baumwoll, Dinah Berkeley, Ismael Castillo, Duane Cooper, Géraldine Dulex, Blake Habermann, David Jenkins, Tasha Milkman, Marissa Molnar, Joél Pérez, Regan Sims, Leah Wagner Leonard, Josh Wynter, and Matt Zambrano.

Collaborating Musicians: 
Jack McGuire, Wes Braver, Grace Oberhorfer, Eleni Arapoglou, Dan Karp

BKBX Team:
Artistic Director: Becky Baumwoll
Resident Stage Manager: Esti Bernstein
Resident Lighting Designer: Jamie Roderick

Photo credit: Bjorn Bolinder

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