Our mission is to activate the imagination of our audiences, contemporize the art of mime, and remind us all of the power of simple storytelling.

Mime, Redefined.

Music: The Pound by Patrick Lee

Reel edited by Nick Abeel

Images by Bjorn Bolinder

Video Footage by Jacob Hiss and Shiho Kataoka

As has become clear, the Movement that surrounds us is a complex, dynamic, multi-faceted story of police brutality, equal rights, white supremacy, white fragility, systemic racism in America, inheritance, allyship, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) voices, transphobia, the patriarchy, (social) media, violence, and more. How can we tell our little ones about what’s going on in a way that does not dilute or dumb down the information, but that also does not confuse or destabilize them? 

The team at BKBXKids! has spent this week researching this very question, and it’s only just begun. Today we’re debuting three videos for kids (toddler episode on Protestnon-verbal toddler episode on Black Lives Matter, and older kiddo episode called “Become A…Protester!”) that attempt to offer a clear, engaging, and empowering point of view. We hope that these episodes can be used as a resource to start conversations with your kids. We also link to a few of our favorite readings, podcasts, and websites we found along the way in the video descriptions. Here’s the playlist: BKBXKids! – Social Justice & Anti-Racism for Kiddos

These three videos are a part of our BKBXKids! Spring Season, the rest of which you can find here and will continue to debut weekly. In the upcoming week or two, you’ll also see a brand new series called BKBXKids! Asks Why, a platform by which to explore complex subjects for young’uns that engage both body and mind. We’ll start this series by talking about America’s history of white supremacy, enslaved people and the heritage of their enslavers, and activism.

As for the grown-up art-making, BKBX is working on bolstering our house as an anti-racist one, both through self-reflection of what we are and preparation for what we hope to become. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you wish to discuss how our organization is engaging in this urgent work. For now, we will continue it daily and work on creating new storytelling for kids and their families.

Please engage with us – let us know what you think of the videos, what your nieces and nephews think of them, what else you’d like to see from BKBX. If you are someone or know someone who has had a negative time in any of our spaces, pass them along to the lady in charge over here. We are committed to being a part of the change in American Theater.


Image of Regan Sims (woman with an afro) making a heart-shape with her hands. The text reads: BKBXKids! Black Lives Matter!

BKBXKids! Online is back with more fresh, new videos for young ones and their families! We’re posting new kids videos three times a week, which will include both spoken portions and wordless, Mimey goodness. After a successful pilot launch in April, our full Spring Season introduces silent storytelling to toddlers and little ones,  presents engaging games for older kiddos, and offers wordless videos geared towards the neurodiverse and beyond. Featuring original music from our collaborating musicians, join BKBX and friends on all kinds of fun adventures—all from the comfort of our own homes! Head over to our BKBXKids! Youtube channel to view all of our videos from Kids Week. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to stay up to catch the new videos!

PS: do you like what you see? Do you have, feedback or ideas for games and stories? Interact with us on social media or email us at: BrokenBoxEducation@gmail.com We want to hear from you (and your kids)! You can also click here to find out more about BKBXEd and click here to find out more about BKBXKids!

    New from BKBX Online!     

Introducing: THE QUEST!

Image of Nerdist.com headline reading: THE QUEST Tells a Thrilling DnD Tale Through Mime! (Exclusive)

The beloved nerd culture site, Nerdist, features our latest made-for-the-screen short film! Directed by Resident Collaborator Michael Lukk Litwak, “The Quest” follows a group of D&D-loving tweens as they transform into their alter egos, seek adventure, and beat the D20 odds. CLICK HERE to read the article and CLICK HERE to watch the film on Youtube!

Unboxed: *POSTPONED*

We have decided to postpone UNBOXED: Anatomy of a Scene exploring “The Good Detective.” We at BKBX are grappling with the ongoing atrocities against Black lives and how we, as individuals and a company, can unequivocally support Black Lives Matter and practice anti-racism. This piece did not feel like it fit the tone of this moment and we are exploring other options for this series. Stay tuned for upcoming info on UNBOXED and see below for info regarding our latest kids’ videos. Thank you; we love you.

From the Recent Past

QUIET RIOT Livestream

When BKBX couldn’t travel to LA to perform QUIET RIOT, we decided to do the next best thing: livestream the show from an empty theater in NYC! You can still watch the video here:
The show runs approximately 55 minutes.
In lieu of ticket sales, consider donating to the following local theater orgs hit hard by social distancing:


BKBX is thrilled to be among 5 companies in residence at the new Theatre Row over the next 2 years! Part of their inaugural Kitchen Sink Residency, our first work-in-progress showing was Valentine’s Day weekend, and our workshop show is comin’ up this July. More updates to come!

BKBX Company: 
Nick Abeel*, Becky Baumwoll*, Dinah Berkeley, Ismael Castillo, Duane Cooper*, Géraldine Dulex, Blake Habermann*, David Jenkins*, Tasha Milkman, Marissa Molnar*, Joél Pérez*, Regan Sims*,  and Matt Zambrano*.
* denotes performed in SKIN

Collaborating Musicians on SKIN: 
Jack McGuire, Wes Braver, Grace Oberhorfer, Eleni Arapoglou, Dan Karp

BKBX Team:
Artistic Director: Becky Baumwoll
Resident Stage Manager: Esti Bernstein
Resident Lighting Designer: Jamie Roderick

Photo credit: Bjorn Bolinder