Our mission is to activate the imagination of our audiences, contemporize the art of mime, and remind us all of the power of simple storytelling.


BKBX is Live Streaming Quiet Riot this Sunday Night for free!!
Instead of flying out to LA this weekend, we’ll be live-streaming the same exact show (from an empty theater😷!) in high def for our audiences across the country!
8p NYC time, 5p LA time
The show runs approx 55 minutes.
In lieu of ticket sales, consider donating to the following local theater orgs hit hard by social distancing:

The award-winning mimes of BKBX are back at the PIT for a special STREAMED SIMULCAST with their award-winning comedies show! After bringing Quiet Riot to Indianapolis, Chicago, and Minneapolis, the mimes are back with their bangarang collection of fan favorites and fresh funnies. Set to a rip-roarin’ soundtrack and wordless as they are badass, BKBX proves yet again why they are among the city’s most innovative storytellers. Join us for a best-of mix of BKBX comedy, and a huge thank you to THE PEOPLES IMPROV THEATER for supporting this project!

BKBX is thrilled to be among 5 companies in residence at the new Theatre Row over the next 2 years! Part of their inaugural Kitchen Sink Residency, our first work-in-progress showing was Valentine’s Day weekend, and our workshop show is comin’ up this July. More updates to come!

BKBX Company: 
Nick Abeel*, Becky Baumwoll*, Dinah Berkeley, Ismael Castillo, Duane Cooper*, Géraldine Dulex, Blake Habermann*, David Jenkins*, Tasha Milkman, Marissa Molnar*, Joél Pérez*, Regan Sims*,  and Matt Zambrano*.
* denotes performed in SKIN

Collaborating Musicians on SKIN: 
Jack McGuire, Wes Braver, Grace Oberhorfer, Eleni Arapoglou, Dan Karp

BKBX Team:
Artistic Director: Becky Baumwoll
Resident Stage Manager: Esti Bernstein
Resident Lighting Designer: Jamie Roderick

Photo credit: Bjorn Bolinder