Clowning Around With - "Send in the Mimes."

Send in the Mimes.BKBX to perform late night show at IRT!

We're right in the thick of rehearsing our May show (more info to come soon!), but are super excited to announce that BKBX will be performing a late night comedy set at the IRT Theater for two nights only: Thursday March 19th and Friday March 20th 

We'll be following our friends at Frances Black Projects' production of Manifest Destiny, a new comedy about two wounded but charming performers determined to reach their potential. Created by Aitor BasauriZachary Fine and Lucas Caleb Rooney,Manifest Destiny is comprised of a series of sketches from American History (mostly) in which the two actors (Rooney and Fine) employ an arsenal of theatrical genres to become better people and thereby manifest their own destinies. Using clowning, improvisation and absurdist humor, Manifest Destiny is a loopy romp, at the heart of which is a show about two friends learning to get along.

We thought we'd join in the fun, and feature Broken Box Members Nick AbeelDavid Jenkins and Matt Zambrano as they perform some of our favorite pieces from past shows, as well as a few new gems in a show we're calling Send in the Mimes.

See both shows for only $18!

Come for the clown. Stay for the Mime.

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