Mimes Visits MESA Charter High School in Bushwick!

The mimes descended on MESA Charter High School in Bushwick, Brooklyn, to perform for the entire school! While five mimes performed back-to-back shows for half of the school population at a time, the other five mimes in attendance took to classrooms all around the school to lead imaginative workshops with the students. Read on for more details and a photo gallery from the event!

Between the hands-on-the-mime-wall workshops and mini-show performance, the students were immersed in an exciting performance art experience, and really had a great time!

BKBX has a long history of doing workshops and arts education in schools in the New York City area. But this was definitely BKBX’s largest school workshop yet, with over 250 students in attendance -- the entire charter high school. Click here to read more about BKBX's education programming, and current kids' show, 'Quiet Stories for a Loud City', now playing at The Wild Project.

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