Learn from the Best!

BKBX has designed various workshops, masterclasses, and exploratory sessions that brings our artwork into the classroom. Chat with us about the right collaboration for you, whether it’s on conceptual tenets of physical storytelling,  mime technique, devised process, or movement consulting. All experience levels,  physical abilities, and ages welcome in a variety of settings. Here are some of our workshop offerings:


Our kids’ workshops are offered for children aged 8-18, and include instruction in mime technique, physical character development, and storytelling. Broken Box facilitators use a range of games and exercises to strengthen performance and physical communication skills, and then use these tools to guide children into crafting an original story through a collaborative process.  Through mime, children explore a world where anything is possible – the challenge is showing what’s happening with only your body!

Mime Technique and Silent Storytelling

Broken Box facilitates dynamic workshops in physical storytelling and object work.  Ideal for casts or groups of 5-20 people, we offer instruction in physical character development, muscle isolation and control, establishing clear environment, and mimed story-telling.  Our physical technique workshops include instruction for manipulating invisible objects and interacting with a mimed environment, as well as building strong character in the face and body.  Our silent story-telling workshops focus on developing a mimed story – establishing clear narrative arc and detail without the use of props, costumes, or language.  These workshops can be offered separately or combined as a single intensive.

Professional Development

Facilitators from Broken Box Mime Theater will work with your team to build innovation, collaboration, and out-of-the-box thinking – essential drivers for you and your company to maximize impact.  We offer experiential workshops tailored to your needs – choose from the following or ask us to craft a unique experience designed specifically for your team’s professional goals.

Out of the Box: Building Innovation: Hands-on improvisation exercises will allow your team to build skills in creative problem solving.  This workshop is designed to foster brainstorming strategies that will enhance spontaneity, big-picture thinking, and creative risk-taking in collaborative settings.

Communication: Develop improved interpersonal skills in this collaborative workshop.  Discover inventive strategies for selling your ideas, projecting clear messages, and active listening.  Our constructive techniques will foster growth in efficient collaboration, written communications, and speechmaking.

Many Voices, One Story: Strengthen your team through collaborative exercises designed to foster group thinking.  Maximize group energy and efficient teamwork – develop strategies for sharing individual perspectives while valuing those of others.  Lead your team to craft a collective story by synthesizing the creative ideas of your whole group.