From BKBXEd, Introducing: BKBXKids! Online

Image of woman (Becky) holding a ball that says "BKBXKids!"; text reads: Spring Season! New weekly vids thru June

Join BKBX on online, spring 2020, for fun, new kids videos! The Mimes are bringing their signature style, directly from their homes to yours. Like our live kids show, DESTINATION: EVERYWHERE, these videos feature a balance of spoken language and wordless performance. Grab your little ones and come move your bodies, stretch your imaginations, and play games with us!

Check out the Youtube Playlists on our BKBXKids! Youtube Channel, featuring: “Toddler Mornings” and “Older Kiddos Afternoons” playlists to check out all of our videos from Kids Week! Click here to watch all of our videos and SUBSCRIBE to make sure that you don’t miss a minute!

All of our videos are closed captioned. Support for audio transcription and video captioning on this production provided in part through funding from Access A.R.T./New York, a program of the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T./New York).

What’s that happening out in the street? There are people carrying signs, shouting “Black Lives Matter,” and marching…it’s a PROTEST! You see it and we know that your kids see it, too. They’ve probably got a whole lot of questions about what’s going on these days, like: Why are people so angry? Why are they saying those chants? Maybe your kids are even asking things like, Why did the police kill that man? or, Why doesn’t everyone treat Black people and White people the same way? Well, kids, those are some BIG QUESTIONS that we’re exploring in our new series, Social Justice and Anti-Racism for Kiddos! on Youtube.

This series features videos for Toddlers, Older Kiddos, and Nonverbal videos. These videos were designed to help parents grapple with those big questions and big feelings. Each video description includes a question guide for parents to continue conversations with their kids. We hope this is a helpful tool for all families learning how to navigate these tough times, how to engage with the Black Lives Matter movement, and how to be an active citizen!

Image of mime Nick Abeel (man dressed in black) pretending to be at a protest. Text reads: BKBXKids! A Protest!

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