BKBX On Tour

BKBX On Tour

Our 4 touring productions can be offered in rep or in tandem with workshops, masterclasses, or community outreach events, such as multi-lingual mixers or open studio artist meet-n-greets. Recent tour locations include: The Gathering Place (Tulsa), Wolf Trap (Bethesda), The Cate School (CA), Bowdoin College (ME), Minnesota Fringe (MN), RiverMead (NH), Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado (CO).

*All shows may be adjusted for various sensory needs and accessibility*


In our newest touring show, A BKBX Frankenstein, we remix and riff on the themes found in Mary Shelley’s gothic horror classic: technology, creation, and monsters. The show is anchored in our tour-de-force ode to sci-fi cinema, Starship Excelsior, which brings a new space opera twist to that famous moment when creator and creation meet for the first time. Even without the words “it’s alive,” the audience will be buzzing with new ideas about the dangers of creation, hubris, and what is out of our control.


Set to a rip-roarin’ soundtrack, the award-winning mimes of BKBX remix classic physical theater for the here-and-now in this heart-thumping, LOL-inducing collection of their fan-favorite comedies. QUIET RIOT is comprised of a dozen shorts, including love story told in reverse “At First Sight,” sitcom-gone-awry “The Fifth Wheel,” high stakes crime drama “Snail Cop,” three-part tween adventure “D&D,” and “The Whole Shebang,” a 6-minute hands-only history of the universe from the big bang to bitcoin. 


SKIN is where performance art and storytelling meet. Comprised of over a dozen short stories about what makes us human, SKIN explores several contemporary issues: race, consent, intimacy, identity, inheritance. Woven together by “Planet Earth” images of molting scales and flamboyant feathers, SKIN brings into question that which covers and/or uncovers, both in performance and beyond. 


DESTINATION: EVERYWHERE is a boisterous, hour-long adventure that invites families to journey through invisible worlds. Framed by a speaking host to guide even the youngest theater-goers, this show mixes languageless stories with audience interactivity in a playful exploration of body language and creative play.

After mime-troductions, we dive into spooky sleepover tales, a jungle adventure full of untold acts of bravery (Marissa boogies her way out of a close shave with a bear), and the making of a robot-concocted smoothie that elicits audience suggestions. We witness perseverance through carnival dart-throwing, study the work-life-balance of a superhero on date night, and time travel through the history of Mime.

BKBX Kids Presents, Destination: Everywhere!

Contact Becky at brokenboxmime @ gmail . com for more info and routing