Pop-Up Shows

BKBX Pop-up Shows

Between runs of our full-length mainstage shows, BKBX occasionally puts together shorter samplings of work for presentation around NYC. These are usually curated from our repertoire of scores of original short stories, or are stepping stones along the way toward developing a full-length show.

Listed below are pop-up showcases that enjoyed multiple performances and / or were presentations of original work.

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BKBX Live @ The PIT Presents: BE MIME? - A Valentine's Pop-up Show!

BKBX Live @ The PIT Presents:


Join us for a romp through our favorite lovey-dovey pieces just in time for Valentine’s Day, plus a new fave or two to celebrate the season. We will play for the madly-in-love, the recently-heartbroken, the optimistically-on-okcupid, and the my-ex-is-a-monster-rooftop-shouters alike; all are welcome to our box-of-chocolates of a show and should stick around for a toast to follow. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky with a mime and become a BKB-XO* before the night is through.

The People’s Improv Theater

The Striker @ 123 E 24th St NYC, 10010

Saturday, February 10th @ 8:00 PM
Sunday, February 11th @ 7:00 PM
Monday, February 12th @ 8:00 PM

*A mime’s sweetheart, of course.

BKBX - Quiet Riot at The PIT - Full

BKBX at The PIT presents:


A Pop-up Collection of Broken Box’s Favorite Comedies!

Fri. 10.27.17 @ 11pm
Sat. 10.28.17 @ 9:30pm
Sun. 10.29.17 @ 8:30pm
Mon. 10.30.17 @ 9:30pm

The People’s Improv Theater
The Striker
 @ 123 E 24th St NYC, 10010

The award-winning mimes of BKBX present a collection of fan favorites and fresh funnies, exclusively at The PIT! Set to a rip-roarin’ soundtrack and wordless as they are bad ass, BKBX proves yet again why they are among the city’s most innovative storytellers. Think Pixar meets Pilobolus meets the Moth meets the best version of yourself. Join us for a best-of mix of BKBX comedy!

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Past Shows

Cityscapes: Fresh Works by BKBX


Fresh Works by BKBX

BKBX premiered our freshest set of original narratives in this special workshop presentation. Cityscapes peeled back the layers of a crime scene, soared over skyscrapers, and peered through the shop windows of a changing neighborhood. With vibrant humor and captivating imagery, Cityscapes was a work-in-progress collection of big-hearted stories told through movement, lighting, and contemporary music.

Material from Cityscapes went on to form the core of the 2017 mainstage show, See Reverse.

Sunday, May 15th, 2016 @ 3:00pm and 7:00pm

The Tank Theater // 151 w. 46th Street

BKBX - Send in the Mimes. - Pop-up @ IRT

Send in the Mimes.

a special silent mission

Presented for two nights following the Frances Black Project‘s presentation of contemporary clown revue Manifest DestinySend in the Mimes. was a three-man pop-up of seven BKBX shorts.

Inspired by the irreverent and heady clowns that preceded the mimes, these unsupervised company members indulged some particularly stupid ideas amidst the compelling and sophisticated shorts selected for this all-new audience.

March 19th + 20th, 2016

IRT Theater // 154 Christopher St.

Guest SHOTZ! with Amios NYC

BKBX has had the pleasure to collaborate several times with friends over at Amios NYC as a part of their monthly SHOTZ! short play series, which creates original short theater works in a matter of weeks and presents them on the first Monday of every month. Perennial BKBX favorite, “Clair de Lune” came into being originally as a SHOTZ! piece from They’re Playing Our Shotz (2014).

BKBX was also featured in Greek Shotzology (2012), License to Shotz (2012), Shhhhhotz! (2013), and Seven Deadly Shotz (2013). BKBX has conducted workshops for the Amios community in mime technique and silent storytelling as a part of an ongoing connection between creative communities.


In the summer of 2015, BKBX returned to The Wild Project in the East Village, following the success of mainstage show Topography there in fall of 2014. A lean ensemble presented a mix of new and old work in the evenings, and the company held a Silent Storytelling Intensive during the day.

July 1st + 2nd, 2015 @ 7:30 PM

The Wild Project // 195 East 3rd Street