The Company

The Company

Broken Box Mime Theater (BKBX) is a creative family of theater-makers united by their love for good storytelling and physical performance. As professional artists working in a variety of mediums, the ensemble members of BKBX are variously active in performances and workshops with the company.

Company Members

Headshot of Mime Nick Abeel. Image depicts a white male mime in his late 20s with combed brown hair, blue eyes behind round-frame dark glasses, scruffy beard, and a dark heather-grey shirt. He faces the camera with a gentle smile.

Nick Abeel

Becky Baumwoll

Dinah Berkeley

Ismael Castillo

Duane Cooper

Géraldine Dulex

Head shot of Mime Blake Habermann. The image depicts a white man in his early thirties with combed brown hair and a red collared shirt over a black t-shirt. He faces the camera with a piercing look.

Blake Habermann

David Jenkins

Headshot of Mime Tasha Milkman. Photo depicts a late-20s white, female Mime with long, wavy red hair. She is wearing stud earrings, a muted floral-print top, and facing the camera with a big smile.

Tasha Milkman

Marissa Molnar

Joel Perez

Regan Sims

Joshua Wynter

Matt Zambrano

BKBX Vitals

Artistic & Executive Director
Becky Baumwoll

Creative and Education Director
Tasha Milkman

Resident Stage Manager
Esti Bernstein

Internal Advisor
Nick Abeel

Resident Collaborators 
Bjorn Bolinder / Photography, Jamie Roderick / Lighting, Adrian Ferbeyre / Graphic Design, Eleni Arapoglou / Music, Michael Litwak / Film, Géraldine Dulex / BKBXKids! Show Director, David Jenkins / Web

The Board
Anne Berkeley, Abbe Goldberg, Jonathan Zucker, Tim Roberts, Richard Thieriot, Jason Hill, Nick Abeel, Tasha Milkman, Becky Baumwoll

Ambassador West and BKBX-Pat Company Member
Leah Wagner

Board Emeritus
Marcia Wagner, Yousuf Aftab